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Springtime Proposals: We’ve Picked Your Date

Did you know that March 20th is a “holiday” that many people choose to propose on? Perhaps unknown to many, rumor has it that National Proposal Day was created to give a little extra nudge to those waiting to pop the question. And, this holiday is no secret – last year, our friends at Brides featured heartwarming proposal stories to help shine the light on this lovely day!

So, with National Proposal Day occurring on both the Spring and Autumn Equinox (usually falling on the first day of both Spring and Fall), we couldn’t help but commemorate! We’ve gathered some of our favorite engagement rings and wedding sets that are just what you need to make this month’s National Proposal Day pop!

March Engagement & Wedding Featured Styles

Is your ring style more simply solitaire or exclusively emerald? Take your pick and check out these elegant and intriguing rings below. As always, shop our full collection of beautiful moissanite wedding rings here or visit our Engagement Ring Style Guide here!

Top Left Engagement Ring: Framed Halo Moissanite Ring
Top Right Engagement Ring: Emerald Twist Moissanite Ring
Bottom Left Wedding Set: Multi Accent Round Moissanite Wedding Set
Bottom Right Wedding Set: Round Micro Pave Moissanite Wedding Set

March 5, 2020
A hand wearing a cushion cut with halo setting moissanite engagement ring

Springtime Proposals: We’ve Picked Your Date